Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Small Diet

                Diets…yada, yada, yada.  Everyone knows one major factor in healthy caloric intake revolves around portion control; or lack thereof.

If you’re like me though, you eat everything that's placed on the plate in front of you ...something about “starving kids in Africa”.

The ultimate solution to portion control?  The Small Diet.

Anytime you have a choice in meal or drink size, simply choose the smallest available (including "kids" sizes).

Shoot, ordering a Tall in lieu of the larger sizes at Starbucks is equivalent to making a sizable contribution to your 401K!
Not only does this mitigate a sizable chunk of our unconscious over-indulgence on calories (we all know that's the truth), it’s the simplest diet of all time.  No formulas to remember or schedules to follow yada, yada; it’s a simple guiding framework to everything that enters your mouth!

Try it for a month and see what happens.

As with any other diet it’s not foolproof though of course.  You can portion control all you want, but if you don’t exhibit any discipline it’s pointless.  No, eating 3 small orders is not better then eating 1 extra large that has same cumulative calorie total.

Other ancillary benefits in addition to reduced caloric intake include:
  • Save some money
  • Smaller footprint
  •  “Still eat what you want” cliché applies :)

One positive here; you reduce the probability of experiencing a brain freeze!

7.5oz cans are all the rage now anyways

Plus the "stubby" 7.5oz cans are so cute looking

Who here afterwards was glad of the fact they got a large size Blizzard anyways?  Hands?  No one?  Yep.

Whoa...slow down cowboy!  You can STILL build your own Grand Slam.

Sweet tooth?  Take it Fun Size.

This baby choose the 22oz over the 16oz beer so what's the problem?  Babies are not smart.

You'd be surprised how much food comes with the "kids" meal at Chipotle.

Hey I love a Blizzard just as much as you...but the Mini saves me from myself.

I LOVE movie theater popcorn!  But when you have sizes like a "tub" that breaks the 3-digit ounce mark...you know it's time to downsize.
DO NOT read this unless you want to feel really guilty about yourself.

"Gourmet" doesn't make it any less salty and fatty.
They're so cute!

Requisite McDonald's gluttony picture

"Jr." is good...like Dale Earnhardt! 
I'll take one SMALL Frosty with that order too thank you very much!

Have you SEEN how big the "Little" burgers are still at Five Guys?!  Talk about false advertisement in reverse.

I know it's free, but should I still get the Large? Final answer Regis...NO.

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