Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Back to Firefox...and a Neat Trick

For reasons explained in this article (F**k It, I’m Going Back to Firefox), I’ve moved back to the Firefox for all my personal browsing needs.  Most notably, Chrome had become so bloated running on my machines (ala ‘iTunes’) that I just couldn’t take it anymore.  So far I’m glad I did as things seems to be running a lot faster/smoother and no more constant crashing of plug-ins.

                And though I’m sure Chrome and other browsers have a setting for this, I’m so glad Firefox makes it easy to configure plug-in usage.

                Though I’m not a crazy plug-in user (they have their place I know), I do use a couple; most notably Flash for things like YouTube and highlights.  The lame thing about Flash though is so many other things use it, most notably super annoying advertisements on pretty much every site out there.  Plus a lot of legit sites have “auto-play” set by default…so when you navigate to the site it starts to automatically load the flash player/video whether you want it to or not (I don’t).

                Thankfully Firefox has an easy configuration page for all the plug-ins you have installed on your browser.  Just select the Open Menu icon – Add-ons (Ctrl + Shift + A)
 The program gives you the option to set each individual plugin to Never Activate, Always Activate (usually the default setting), and Ask to Activate.   Many of the plug-ins I just set to Never, but there are a few, like Flash, that I do use on occasion but that I don’t want automatically loading everytime.  Set to Ask to Activate and voila!, annoying Flash-based ads and auto play videos are gone forever!

Forever ever you may be asking?  Well of course the browser is smart enough to give the option to continue to block plug-ins, allow to play once, or allow always for a particular site (like YouTube of course).


No more auto-running shenanigans!
Music to my eyes!
Beautiful nothingness

Will this give meaning and purpose to your life?  No.  But it may make your everyday a little less stressful :)

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