Friday, November 21, 2014

Movie Trailer Thursday (Friday edition)

Today's MTT (Movie Trailer Thursday) is a bit female-themed.  I think it's just coincidence.  Or I'm just getting more in touch with my feminine side.

                Actually doesn’t look half bad for a live-action version.  Sleeping Beauty remains my favorite old-school Disney movie but this seems to do its source material justice.  Casting seems right on and you could do much worse than Robb Stark as the Prince.
Into the Woods
                Disney's attempt at a fairy tale-themed musical.  Women love musicals.  Men just don't admit they like them.
Project Almanac
                Another extraordinary “found-footage” film involving hormonally unstable teenagers making terrible decisions.  Looks basically like a time-travel version of the 2012 film 'Chronicle'.  Not female-themed you say?   I disagree…it’s made by MTV Films…the channel that pretty much exclusively caters to females these days.
Age of Adaline
                My wife has the same name as this young time-conquering beauty (at least phonetically speaking) therefore this is the best movie trailer on the list…for the simple fact they utter the exquisite name multiple times in it.  Even Dr. Jones says it wonderfully!
Pitch Perfect 2
                Strangely I found the first movie…watchable.  I don’t suppose I’ll see this other than by downloading it on Redbox, but it’s worth at least a trailer post.
Jurassic World (Jurassic Park 4)
                Wait, you didn’t know there is a 4th Jurassic Park coming out next summer?  Geez, what’s wrong with you.  Or perhaps I’ve failed you with the lack of MTT updates the past year :/  You didn’t know Chris Pratt was starring in it either?!  Well now you know why the ladies are gonna be into this one ;)

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