Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Movie Trailer Thursday: Special Phoenix Edition

We've been gone for a while I know.  But three recent trailers have got me really excited enough (most trailers these days elicit a lukewarm "meh" from me) to motivate me to share them to the world.  Yes they're all sci-fi/fantasy related...but really let's be honest...those are typically the best kind of movie genres anyways ;)  

Mad Max: Fury Road
Max Rockatansky + Australia-only Ford XB Falcon Pursuit Special + perfectly diabolical post-apocalyptic dystopia = great sci-fi fun!

What a cool car!
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
What can I say..sort of the culmination of a 15 years of superior film-making coming to a dramatic crossroads/end/interlude, literally.  Using "Pippin's Song" as the overlay to the trailer just ads a certain gravitas...

Such stellar, pun intended, imagery!  To paraphrase a commenter, "Just enough to get me super excited for the movie...but nowhere near enough to know what the **** is going on."  Perfectly salient and how movie trailers should be!

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