Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ebb’s DIY: Cutting Down Big Trees

                So you got a big ol’ tree in the yard that needs to come down but you don’t want to pay the tree service that quoted you $1000 to do it?  Why not do it yourself?  All you need is a good chainsaw, some rope, a buddy or two, a G-wagon, and basic knowledge of physics and gravity.

DISCLAIMER:  This is by no means an expert DIY.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL!  Wear eye protection and use heavy duty gloves when cutting!

STEP 1:  Equipment

o    Eye protection
o    Heavy duty gloves
o    Industrial strength rope
o    Chainsaw

STEP 2: Pre-planning

                Draw it up, plan it out.  Cutting down a tree isn’t quantum physics, but it’s still Newtonian physics.  You gotta know how the cut will affect where the tree falls – especially if the house is very close like in my case!  Take into consideration angles, rope forces, and the apparent weight of the limb you’re trying to take down.  NOTE: The limb is always much heavier than you think.

Check out this guy’s much more comprehensive tutorial!

STEP 3: Cut

                Notice the angle of the cut on the limbs.  Notice also the limb fell exactly where we wanted it to – namely away from the house :)

STEP 4:  Use Rope

                So in the case of the second limb, it was leaning more over the house than away so rope was necessary to get it to not fall on top of the roof.  Unfortunately in this case I made the cut too hastily and ended up having to attach the rope to my tow ropes and then to my truck to pull it away from falling on the house…but it still worked!

STEP 5:  Clean-up

                Coming soon…


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