Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sanctity of Life Double Standard

            A terrible tragedy has occurred at State College, PA, and I’m not talking about the dismissal of legendary coach Joe Paterno (though a sad sub-story to it all of course).  But I’m more referring to group of children that were abused physically over the however many years the assistant coach there was abusing them.  Poor, poor kids; may God’s grace and love comfort them.

That said, in the media outrage of the cover-up (though I completely agree with this outrage and am just as horrified and disgusted by the apathy PSU officials and coaches, Paterno included, allegedly exhibited) I can’t but help see one of the most glaringly sad double standards emerge from this whole ordeal. 

The news show below, common discussion among the media the last few days, exhibits this double standard that I’m talking about*

Rape is one of the most horrific acts one human can commit against another human being.  It’s even more reprobate when a child is involved, as was the case with the Penn State coach.  I’m not marginalizing at all how reprehensible this was.  That said is that act worse than murder?  How about cold-blooded murder of a defenseless child?  Is it even equal to?  I know how terrible rape is, but I can’t help but think murder is even worse…right?

Then what is with all the condemnation of this situation…but when it comes to the murder of a defenseless child in a mother’s womb…it’s a violation of a woman’s rights if we say that’s wrong, above all?!  The newscaster here said he would’ve beat the crap out of this coach if he was there at the time of the transgression.  Great!  Me too!  But what about the when a women (and in many cases their male partner is just as culpable) knowingly lets a doctor stick instruments in her private areas to violently kill the life out of a human baby?  Ok maybe you don’t physically assault that doctor…but at least he should get the death penalty right - for such an evil act, right?  If we’re consistent in our conviction of the sanctity of life like in this Penn State situation shouldn’t we also be all up in arms over the abuse and murder of children down the street from us?  Wouldn’t that be the logical extension of that same chagrin we all have for these poor, abused children up at State College?  Please tell me if I’m being logically inconsistent here.  And choice be damned…the Penn State coach clearly made a choice that he thought was best for him, his body, and that would give him the most happiness.  Eff that choice…it was the wrong choice and we all know it…because innocent human beings were cruelly abused as a result of that choice.  We must have laws to protect those children…

Screw any religious or political injection here…I’m just trying to remain logically consistent.  The media and other individuals for the most part aren’t.  They’re only disgusted by wrongdoing when it’s convenient – and therein lies one of the most glaringly sad double standards in society and individuals today.  Wake up people.

*Yes, I know they don’t talk at all about abortion etc. in this discussion, and yes I do not know the each individual opinion on the topic.  Though I do know a few of their opinions, which fall into the double standard category I am referring to.  The point of this piece is more to reveal the broader double standard in those that oppose the abuse of defenseless children in all cases, except when they’re women's bellies…as if somehow, and terribly illogically and insensibly, they’re not human because they’re behind some skin. 

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