Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MTT is reminiscing

At least I'm able to fit MTT in...

Bad cop drama

21 Jump Street
Used to watch the original tv show with my older siblings all the time

Pirates! Band of Misfits
New trailer

Beauty and the Beast 3D
It's even more magical in 3D?! Wow!

Bonus #1:
Raiding the Lost Ark: A Filmumentary - Part 1
Flippn' awesome!

Raiding the Lost Ark is an in-depth insight into the making of the 1981 collaboration between Spielberg and Lucas. This fan made Filmumentary contains behind the scenes video, rare interviews with cast and crew, reconstructed deleted scenes and subtitled facts.
This is a preliminary version of part 1. It's pre-QC and pre-audio mix.

Bonus #2:
So there's talk of making the classic arcade game into a movie. Haha, could actually be pretty good/funny

According to Hollywood Reporter, producer John Rickard will be producing a film based on the classic video game and is looking for writers to help get the project started. New Line Studios will be releasing the film.

Bonus #3:
Pictures surfacing from Ridley Scott's pseudo-Alien prequel!!!

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