Thursday, November 3, 2011

MTT is jackin' some cars and going for 4 stars at the end

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
This looks very entertaining. Directed by the same guy that directed The Incredibles

The Muppets
Final parody trailer. Voice-over guy reminds me of my friend Martin.

Dr. Seuss's The Lorax
Must've never read this one as a kid. My parents were against drugs.

We Bought A Zoo
I would buy one.

Project X
Are high school kids really this stupid? "Game-changer"?! What does that even mean in regards to the context? If girls aren't noticing you now, throwing a big party isn't going to change that. You really think what people, whom you won't even remember their name 10 years from now, think matters? Forget college and academic advice, HS guidance counselors should be telling students that the high school social "bubble" is so transient and hasty it's not even funny.

American Reunion
Continuing the stupid high school social world theme... Actually, the original movie in this series inspired me to start writing my book interestingly enough.

Provocative perhaps...but truthful of a lot of men I'm sure

Underworld Awakening
Never was a big Underworld franchise fan. Kate Beckinsdale however...

Bonus #1:
Looks so good...

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