Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lunchtime Reading of the Day: St. Jobs?

It’s no secret my lack of enthusiasm for all things Apple.  It’s not that I think their products are bad or ugly – in fact I readily acknowledge Apple’s often cutting edge product lineup (Newton and some other bombs notwithstanding).  It’s more the Apple “culture” – or possibly more appropriately, the Apple “cult”; often seems like a lot of narcissistic elitism.  Did you get the new iPhone, did you get the new iPhone?!?  No, I still use my iPod from 2004 and my cell phone from 3 years ago and they work perfectly ok.  I know that makes you angry that I'm content with those devices (and getting along fine in life sans iPhone 8iOS12.i98 or whatever is the Apple flavor of the month), but don't take your technological discontent out on me.

Anyways Steve Jobs was no saint, regardless of how he made the surface parts of your life seemingly better [cool Bible apps notwithstanding ;) ]

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