Monday, October 31, 2011

Lunchtime Reading of the Day: U.S. Debt

A few months old, but interesting infographic from the White House nonetheless

Infographic: U.S. National Debt (

Thursday, October 27, 2011

MTT is Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

Second trailer...looks like a kid movie

Black Gold
International trailer. Looks epic.

The Secret World of Arrietty
Love Studio Ghibi and Hayao Miyazaki.

TV spot. Coolness.

Bonus #1:
The Three Stooges
The Farrelly Brothers are making a Three Stooges movie. This isn't a biopic - it's three newly scripted mini-adventures...evidently with connective fibers...using the "Larry, Moe, and Curly" archetypes from back in the day, but set in modern times. I hope they don't resort to toilet humor :/

Lunchtime Reading of the Day: Nutritional faux passss

This seems like an appropriate given the title

Materialism Destroys Marriages? Get outta here!

Wow, what a scientific breakthrough.  I really glad they spent most likely hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, time to figure this quandary out.  I mean who would’ve thunk materialism would drive a wedge between spouses.  Wow, so profound.

*Too short to be a Lunchtime Reading of the Day candidate

And to save the day...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lunchtime Reading of the Day: St. Jobs?

It’s no secret my lack of enthusiasm for all things Apple.  It’s not that I think their products are bad or ugly – in fact I readily acknowledge Apple’s often cutting edge product lineup (Newton and some other bombs notwithstanding).  It’s more the Apple “culture” – or possibly more appropriately, the Apple “cult”; often seems like a lot of narcissistic elitism.  Did you get the new iPhone, did you get the new iPhone?!?  No, I still use my iPod from 2004 and my cell phone from 3 years ago and they work perfectly ok.  I know that makes you angry that I'm content with those devices (and getting along fine in life sans iPhone 8iOS12.i98 or whatever is the Apple flavor of the month), but don't take your technological discontent out on me.

Anyways Steve Jobs was no saint, regardless of how he made the surface parts of your life seemingly better [cool Bible apps notwithstanding ;) ]

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The ‘U’ State

Working on a fictional short story called, “The ‘U’ State”, dealing with today’s socioeconomical distress in America.  It’s a novel idea.  I like it.

Greatest Pet Costume Ever: Tank Dog

If I had a dog, it would always dress it up as "Tank Dog"

Lunctime Reading of the Day: Donovan McNabb

As a long-time McNabb supporter, and Eagle faithful, I can’t help but admit this author’s sentiments are pretty close to true.  McNabb will always be defined unfortunately by not the great feats he accomplished…but by those he just barely missed.  It’s a shame really because of how such a nice guy he is.  He was so liked and everyone really did want him to succeed with at least one Super Bowl (preferably in Philly).  But alas…it’s just a darn shame…

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lunchtime Reading of the Day

So I come across articles, videos, or whatever about life, love, and why that I want to share on EbbWorld occasionally; probably enough to post one every day.  So I’m starting a new feature called “Lunchtime Reading of the Day”.  The purpose is to give you all something relatively short (perhaps a 5-15 minute read or watch), and hopefully intriguing to you all while you’re eating lunch, or just looking for a good read to kill some time.  Like Movie Trailer Thursday, I do the huntin’, you reap the rewards :)

The first topic is a CBS video about the best surfer of all time, Kelly Slater.

Friday, October 21, 2011

MTT is solving mysteries

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
This is looking like a lot of fun

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Second trailer

"Cloverfield" for teenagers with alien super powers

Piranha 2: 3DD
T&A + killer piranhas, part II? Boy does Hollywood know its 16-32 male demographic like the back of its hand.

Bonus #1:
The Three Musketeers
First Five minutes of the movie

Bonus #2:
Star Wars Art: Comics
Pretty cool trailer for a pretty cool looking book

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Messi is Already the Greatest Ever...He is 24

Lionel Messi is a freak.  A 5 foot 7 freak.  He’s scored dribbled through more defenders and scored more amazing goals, and just straight wows the crowd more than anyone else ever.  He is only 24 years of age…and our collective minds are blown.  I mean the only thing this guy hasn’t done yet, and one could argue he will never truly be considered the “Greatest of the Greatest” until he does so, is win a World Cup with his native Argentina.   But based purely on his on-field prowess, I don’t think anyone can ever touch him in history.  Just amazing. 

Check out highlights of his two goals from this weekend match against Racing in La Liga.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

According to Siri

Perhaps you have an iPhone?  Perhaps you use the “Siri” personal assistant?  Perhaps it replies quirky, funny, interesting things to you?  Well I’m not an Apple nerd like you so I don’t know what you’re talking about…but there’s a cool site for displaying your Siri highlights to everyone in the world.  Go here :)  (yes, I am promoting my brother’s site)

*PS, I want someone to tell Siri "There can be only one", and see what replies lol

Friday, October 14, 2011

MTT is defending the universe today

Bonus #1:
Bonus gets bumped up to the top today on account of this awesome short film.  Ironically the director went to my high school and was apparently at my sister's wedding.  Here's hoping somebody in Hollywood gives him lots of money tell me what the heck happened the Voltron Force?!?!

The Avengers
Buzz trailer of the week.

The Divide
Post-apocalyptic drama, love it.

The Raven

Young Adult

Bonus #2:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Strange Glow in the Sky...

Check out my "Strange Glow in the Sky" post over at Ebb and Flow Weather:Keith's weather musings and forecasts for the northern Virginia, DC Metro region!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cute Commercial

I know this idea has been done before...but this little girl is such a cutey. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Treasure Hunting Company Makes Another Big Discovery!

 Get on the silver train while you can!  Odyssey Marine Exploration (OMEX) makes yet another awesome North Atlantic shipwreck treasure discovery in only a matter of weeks.  How cool is this company?  I mean my investment has already paid for itself in just pure adventure :)  Most “exciting” stock you can buy on the market right now bar none.  Bought this stock hoping it would eventually pay for another type of "precious metal" one day...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Movie Trailer Thursday, Oct.6, 2011

Meant to put it up last week. Made an impressive $9million opening weekend. More power to em.

War Horse
Too much horse?

The Other F Word
Yes, that tattoo on your forehead is as stupid as it seems and you were

Machine Gun Preacher
Not sure if I posted this yet

Revenge of the Electric Car
Give me internal combustion or give me death!

Answers to Nothing
Dane Cook gets serious?

Bonus #1:
Toy Story
Thanks for having faith in Pixar Steve!

Bonus #2:
Petra - More Power To Ya

Bonus #3:
Tim McGraw - More Power To Ya

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hearing for the First Time: What Heaven Will Be Like

    Like many others, I’ve often tried to comprehend what it’ll be like on the other side of eternity.  For most people this entails the tired clich├ęs of puffy, yet stable clouds, pearly gates, and floating around with harps and sandals.  Please.  Then you have a host of people that see beyond the woeful pop-culture and iconographic religious traditions of yesteryear yet hold onto still spurious and inadequate visages of a “restored” Garden of Edens, upgraded “paradise” Earth’s, and other terrain-based locales seemingly subject to entropy.  Really?  You think God is going to mess with the laws of thermodynamics and Newton’s fancies in his grand new creation?  You think Jesus went to “prepare a place for us” all this time only to have that place still confined by only length, width, depth, and time?  You think He is gonna busy himself with used parts like the Earth and matter?  Speaking of confinement, what an enclosed view of heaven this would be.  What a “human” view of heaven this is.  No folks, God isn’t going OEM (original equipment manufacturer) upgrade, or NOS (new old stock).  God is most definitely going NIB (new in box) – well because he’s so much more than and so far beyond just this existence; transcendental.  Methinks the “new heavens and earth” will be much the same.  Which all brings me to this woman below…

    If you’ve ever read the book “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions”, a satirical novel written in 1884 by a geometry teacher, you’ll have a concept of the utter incomprehensibility inherent in an entity from one set of dimensions to comprehend reality in an existence consisting of additional dimensions.  This is sort of how it is with us as humans in our reality, and God as God in his reality – invariably consisting of additional dimensions.  
    You may have already seen the news reports about this woman:
29 year old Sloan Churman was born deaf. She used to read lips up-till now or used hearing aids to a very limited extent. Two months ago, she received Envoy Medical's Esteem Implant, which utilizes ear drum vibrations to bring hearing back to its users. Her husband captured her reaction on video. Her reaction was extraordinary and full of joy.

The moment her initial surprise turns to uncontrollable crying joy, almost to the point where she cannot breathe, is the closest visual representation I can think of what our reaction will be when we first experience the other side of eternity.  You see, if heaven were like the first two aforementioned simplistic explanations that most people adhere to…well I don’t think we’d react that same way as this woman.  Sure we’d be totally surprised I bet, but it would more transition into great wonderment and perhaps a level beatific appreciation the likes in which we never experienced; perhaps extended speechlessness.  But our dispositions would still be grounded; grounded in the fact that everything, despite its apparent divine “upgrading” or “paradise-ness” would still seem vaguely familiar, fathomable at the very least.  Yet when you see this woman react, she is transitioned not to merely wonder and awe, but a complete, uncontrollable, inexplicable joy; a tender moment if there ever was one for sure. She cannot control herself for the simple fact that what she is experiencing is unlike anything she’s every experienced, known, or possibly dreamed of.  Of course this example is inadequate in its metaphor to what experiencing heaven will be like, but I truly believe, at least in my life, this is the closest example I think of what we’ll feel like when we experience heaven.  Not really wonder or awe, satisfaction or appreciation…but complete and utter uncontrollable joy.  We will experience a reality and additional dimensions of existence that we could not know or fathom prior and they will literally turn us into sobbing messes of joy.

    I’m not trying to knock traditional views of heaven (though I do think them inaccurate based on not only Scripture, but the context of God’s existence), often presented in encouraging sermons, books, and songs.  I guess watching this video though reminds me of how grievously inadequate our specific interpretations or speculations of what heaven will be like.  Despite all the speculations Sloan may have had about what it would be like, it’s joyfully clear that they were lacking when she did experience it.  I’m not claiming to be able to give you specifics of what heaven will be like (primarily the crux of my argument – and that most of Biblical allusion to heaven is allegory because of our limits to describe it)…I just know it will be so beyond, so transcendental of anything we’ve ever known, experienced, or could hope to grasp or fathom; sort of like “hearing” for the first time in our lives.

Yet this life is too bittersweet…Jesus please come soon.  I want to feel this.

Interestingly...just remembered I wrote about this same topic on EbbWorld back in 2004 (albeit a bit more um...enthusiastically, but also scholarly).  Check it out.   July 23, 2004 - Heaven