Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gripes of “Advice"

Being married does not automatically make you wise on marriage or relationships.  Anyone can get married.  Further, getting married relatively quickly or young does not make you more mature.  In most cases, the opposite seems observably true.

Being a parent does not automatically make you wise on parenting or mature.  Making a baby is probably one of the easiest things human can do (queue Geico tagline).

Being a Christian does not automatically make you wise on life.  You may be saved and regenerate, but unless you’ve been “walking” a long time, be temperate on the amount of “advice” you give on spiritual matters.

Not smiling all the time does not mean one in deep despair or confused.  In fact, people that smile all the time or always act like things are cheery obviously are good liars about what’s really going on in their lives.

Just because someone doesn’t “pull the trigger” on marriage doesn’t mean they’re immature in their faith, possess major character flaws, or are being selfish.  Sometimes it does mean those things, but the person’s general character will clarify whether it’s the case or not.                                    

When God doesn’t answer prayer or our plea’s for guidance and knowledge of his will for our lives, it does not necessarily mean we’ve done something “wrong” , are lacking in faith or maturity, or sought him in the “wrong” way.  God simply may not answer them; in his own unknowable and transcendent sovereign volition.

"Blind" faith that lacks reason is foolish.  Don't promote it or put it on a pedestal.  Adherents to that will buy into whatever faith is most attractively advertised to them.  Advising people to have more "blind" (even if not specifically mentioned) faith in lieu of "thinking too much" is dangerous.

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