Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why Most People Don't Finish Video Games

Why most people don't finish video games (

I think this guy is spot on. I know as I’ve gotten older with more adult demands such as a job, house, etc., it’s been much harder to play any console games, let alone finish single-player stories or campaigns (last game I “finished” was Final Fantasy XII...still working on Halo 3).

I think this is part why I’ve gotten back more into my arcade machines, because games from back in the day are more “bite-sized” affairs. Playing a 10 minute game of Ms. Pac-Man is much easier for me than investing 30 hours in the lastest Elder Scrolls iteration. Not that I’m happy with this reality. I do wish I was back in the halcyon days of video gaming in my life when evenings consisted of free-living affairs of hours upon hours of gaming. Oh well, c’est la vie. Perhaps I’ll get back into it…just cracked open Final Fantasy XIII a few weeks ago :)

One of the best video gaming endings of all time. Nobody cried during this ending.

This gives me an idea for an article for my best video game endings of all time...

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