Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wanted: Good Bloggers

In an effort to broaden EbbWorld Annex’s appeal, I’m soliciting bloggers and writers to become co-authors on my blog. I love contributing to this blog but time constraints sometimes limit me, so I would like to hire, for free of course, fellow writers to keep a flow of new material coming. Of course I would have the unilateral power to repeal anything I didn’t deem EbbWorld-worthy, but I’m pretty open to new ideas and content about life, love, and why.

So answer the following questions (sentence or two) in an email to me (kwojciec@vt.edu) if you’d like to contribute:

Why do you like EbbWorld?

What are your interests?

Give me 3 prospective ideas or content or articles you’d like to post?



  1. Darn. Once you specified "good" bloggers I had no hope.

  2. It's all good Alicia. If you want in, just shoot me a few things.

  3. Haha, I was just messing around. I hope you get some people to submit stuff!