Thursday, July 28, 2011

Movie Trailer Thursday - July 28, 2011

A collection of the latest and greatest movie trailers from the ‘Net (every Thursday)

Nevermind it's based off the Milton-Bradley boardgame, Taylor Kitsch is a burgeoning action movie star in the making!

Apollo 18
Wait, Apollo 18??? There was no "Apollo 18" mission....or was there :)

Tower Heist
Eh...Eddie Murphy still makes movies?

The Ides of March
Eh...slow week for trailers I guess

The Future
I'm only posting this because of how weird it is. Weird, hipster movie trailers annoy me.

Happy Feet Two
Animated movie trailers that try too hard to be hip and cool annoy me also.

Year Zero
End of the world? Go surfing...why not?

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