Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lunchtime/Kill Time Reading: Part 1

I’ve amassed a bunch of web articles, etc. over the past that I had the intention of uploading to EbbWorld.com like I used to (remember that? sigh...)…so now that I have Annex, I can more easily post them. Since it’s a lot, I’m entitling it as so for your benefit for when you’re looking for something to read during your lunchbreak, or you’re just looking to kill time and want to turn on your brain a little (for the most part).

Enjoy. (I have a whole other set from my computer at home I’ll post in Part 2)

NOTE: Just because I’m posting it doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with the author’s opinion.

The proven power of giving, not getting

Online posting of women's abortion information challenged in Oklahoma

Obama delivers major speech on personal faith

During that whole “end of the world” thing a few months ago; Kirk speaks well I think. Kirk Cameron: Dead birds aren't the end of the world

Are the Bible's Stories True? Archaeology's Evidence

Not sure exactly why I found this one interesting. Perhaps it was in relation to the guys and their sex drives, etc. New moms and the post-baby sex slump

Is marriage becoming obsolete?

Four in 10 say marriage is becoming obsolete

If marriage is passé, why do we adore Will and Kate?

How porn is changing our sex lives

Fame, fortune and being Tim Tebow

Actually was planning on writing an article related to this one…may still do it Charles Barkley: I had gay teammates

Geek 101: LCD and plasma TV basics

10 biggest money wasters

The top money mistakes we pass on to our kids

Rob Bell Controversy (the third link is from my pastor when I was at Virginia Tech). The book has since come out I think since all this controversy.
Christian author's book sparks charges of heresy
Rob Bell: Universalist?
Rob Bell’s New Book – Love Wins – Gets Judged Before Most Read It

How technology could bring down the church

Sad 18 years after Waco, Davidians believe Koresh was God

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