Saturday, July 23, 2011

UPDATED: Learning How To Cook and Grill, YouTube Style

When you’re deficient in the culinary arts as I am even though I make great macaroni and cheese you need a little help. Well thanks to YouTube, I can actually find out how to cook and grill things I always assumed my mother used magic to make (don’t blame me, 4 girls in the kitchen meant no guys were allowed…ergo why I didn’t learn :/ Anyways, I’m planning on doing the following tonight for dinner with some grilled chicken marinated in a jerk sauce. Looking forward to it! See I can learn new things out of my core interests :)


Asparagus: Part 1

Asparagus: Part 2

Turned out pretty good I may say so myself. I think I over-cooked the asparagus and under-cooked the corn, and perfect cooked the chicken, but everything still was yummy and healthy, right?


  1. This is a genius idea. How did it turn out?

  2. Turned out mostly great Alicia, thanks for asking! (nice to know my posts aren't in vain) Check out my update above.

  3. FYI, grilled asparagus is spectacular. Had it again last night (and grilled corn)

  4. I just can't get in to asparagus for some reason. My dad and roommate love it though, and I always try it thinking maybe this time I'll enjoy it, hasn't happened yet.

    Posts aren't in vain. EbbWorld has been bookmarked since 2006, I see no reason to change that now :)

  5. Try it with salt and pepper if you ever try again. Makes a little difference. Of course you could always dip it in Ranch dressing as well...but maybe that's just me

  6. I am firmly in the ranch makes everything taste better camp as well. I'll try both options.