Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Bond...and Life

This video, part 4 of Josh Clason's excellent Depth of Speed series, struck a major chord with me in my life right now… It seems to sort of represent my desire of living in yesterday, when times seemed so carefree and the future seemed so bright. When hopes and dreams still pervaded my life’s atmosphere. When love was just burgeoning…

My 2002, Rikku, was really my first life’s love. It was a car I truly feel in love with emotionally, even before I owned it (it was my brother’s for years before). Though the car represented a time and auto culture a decade even before my birth, it was a still a car that I knew represented my soul; where creativity, passion, and life was real, unabated, and surely carefree. I remember taking my first crush in a drive in it (when it was still my brother’s) around our high school parking lot and I felt on top of the world. I remember taking my true first love in it for the first time to just talk about life, love, and why. I remember driving it alone to the beach on day trips, just me and God, and I didn’t really care about my troubles in life. Life was good, “when there was springtime in my heart,” and it seemed like God’s painting of my life was just truly beginning.

This video and music (especially beginning at the montage at 2:56) for some reason in a melancholy, but not hopeless way, just brings back all those memories of yesterday…and it makes me wish I could have them back…
...but i'm learning to move forward as God is still working

Me and my first love

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