Friday, June 17, 2011

Unfinished business

So speaking of unfinished articles, etc., below is a list of articles from my writing folder at work that I either started and never finished, or finished and never had the time to upload. I’ll try to get some of these ready for publishing. If you have a particular interest in an article(s), let me know and I’ll try to put them on the fast track. And yes, I know quite a few of these would fit under the realm of my blog. Note also, this is only unfinished stuff on my work computer. Haha, my home computer has a plethora of more lol.

• 20 Reasons Why NASCAR is Great (and you should become a fan)

• Never Bought a Condom: Identifying the Absent Rewards of Volitional Virginity

• Animals and True Freedom

• Christian Apologetics: A Quick Overview

• Do Christians erroneously claim, or appeal to, God’s sovereignty merely as a scapegoat from taking personal responsibility for their own decisions?

• Heaven Is Like an MMORPG

• People Have Kids to Compensate for Not Accomplishing Otherwise?

• Galatians 5:6

Greatest Movie Endings of All Time

• HBL Mercedes of Tyson’s Corner debacle letter/service log

• How Often Do We Extend Grace To People That Don’t Deserve It?

• “In God We Trust” Still Relevant?

• “Life As We Don’t Know It?” or “Give Me A Reason To Avoid God”: Biological Origins and Space

• When a Guy’s Utter Debilitating Insecurity Becomes Praised: How Society Has Flipped What Is “Romantic”

• Most Guys Aren’t Warm

• On the Precipice of Obedience

• Why I Think Perhaps Most Christians Get the Concept of Prayer Wrong

• Single and Content? Not likely

• The Curse of Extended Volitional Virginity

• The Older You Get The Less Attractive Sex Gets?

• The Problem With Lust

• Time with the Lord: Legalism or Lifestyle?

• God in the Public Sphere

• When Christians Don’t Think It Through

• When Prayer Doesn’t “Work”

• Why “Biblical Manhood” is Unobtainable

• Why I Hate Other Guys…but then learn to Love Them

• Why It Is Easier For A Celebrity To Abstain From Sex Than A Normal Person

• Why Marital Infidelity is the Cool Thing To Do

• Why Those That Abstain From Sex (virgin or not) Are The Most Sexual

• No Major Awards


  1. • 20 Reasons Why NASCAR is Great (and you should become a fan)


  2. I second Martin's and I also want the Best Movie endings.

  3. FYI, I will hyperlink the articles once I finish and post them here.