Thursday, June 23, 2011

How Good is Your Employee Termination Policy?

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Being an “IT guy” has its ups and downs. You get chided when email doesn’t work or the website is down, but it does pay well and you learn a ton of new skills almost every day for a society and business world that is becoming more and more dependent on information technology. And not that I’m condoning illegal retribution, or even legal spiteful retaliation, but IT guys are uniquely capable of inflicting the most damage on a company they perhaps no longer, or never did, like. This knowledge should force managers to be extra careful when canning an IT guy. Most know enough to potentially cripple your IT infrastructure, costing mucho $$$ and time, and pretty much all of them know enough to be dangerous. Sticking porn on an executive’s PowerPoint presentation is child’s play compared to subverting a critical database, mining out classified or sensitive information, or just plain old “Dennis from Jurassic Park” uploading a virus into the system. Either way, if you ever find yourself having to let go any employee, but especially an IT person, make sure you do have a solid employee termination policy and make sure you disable all the their access accounts, both physical and virtual, stat!

*sorry bout the curse word...couldn't find a "clean" clip...and it was too good a clip to pass up

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