Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"The Historic Alliance of Christianity and Science"

Spectacular article. Must read.


Highlights for me:
  • Christian theism affirmed that an infinite, eternal, and personal God created the world ex nihilo. The creation, reflecting the rational nature of the Creator, was therefore orderly and uniform. Furthermore, God created humankind in his image (Genesis 1:26–7), making us uniquely capable of reasoning and of discovering the created order’s intelligibility. In effect, the Christian worldview supported the underlying principles that made scientific inquiry possible and desirable.
  • The principles underlying the scientific method (testability, verification/falsification) arise from the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. Biblical doctrine clearly nurtured the experimental method. Because the Christian founders of modern science believed the heavens genuinely declare the glory of God (Psalm 19: 1), they possessed both the necessary conceptual framework and the spiritual incentive to boldly explore nature’s mysteries.
  • The prevailing scientific notions of big bang cosmology and the emerging anthropic principle seem uniquely compatible with Christian theism. Since the universe had a singular beginning, we have a logical right and reason to inquire about its cause.
  • Philosophical presuppositions foundational to science include: the existence of an objectively real world, the comprehensibility of that world, the reliability of sense perception and human rationality, the orderliness and uniformity of nature, and the validity of mathematics and logic. These necessary preconditions are rooted in Christian theism’s claims of an infinite, eternal, and personal Creator who has carefully ordered the universe and provided man with a mind that corresponds to the universe’s intelligibility. This schema served as the intellectual breeding ground for modern science. It sustained science and enabled it to flourish.
  • ...not only does naturalism fail to justify its underlying presuppositions but naturalists also rest their scientific endeavors on Christian theistic principles illegitimately. Naturalists borrow from Christianity.

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