Sunday, June 19, 2011

DC Sight-Seeing in Under an Hour

The other week I had a tech seminar scheduled to go to at a Westin Hotel in Arlington, VA at 9am. Well I got there and apparently the seminar had been cancelled…and unfortunately I wasn’t informed. Oh well. Opposed to the idea of just heading back to work all the way in Ashburn, VA I figured I’d go on a little adventure.

Here are my 10 DC sight-seeing stops in under an hour. Note that though having a motorcycle isn’t absolutely necessary to do this as all the stops are accessible via public roads or footpaths…but boy does it make it much easier to be able to slither through lanes, make subtle U-turns, and pretty much stop anywhere to take a picture lol.

Leaving Arlington towards I-66 east…

1. Arlington Cemetery

Cross Memorial Bridge into D.C…

2. Vietnam War Memorial

Illegal U-turn…(mindful of pedestrians)

3. Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool, Washington Monument

Back across Memorial Bridge, merge onto George Washington Parkway north

4. Roosevelt Island (view of Georgetown)

Take surprisingly isolated and peaceful footpaths…

5. Theodore himself!

“What’s that noise? I thought this was a no-fly zone…”

6. President Obama flying above

GW Parkway north

7. GW Pkwy Potomac River scenic overlook that you always drive by but never stop at

GW Pkwy to 495 South to Georgetown Pike west

8. Difficult Run Park, Great Falls (Horsies!)

Woodland footpaths

9. Peace and serenity; not 15 minutes from busy city

10. Great way to end adventurous morning before heading back to work :)

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