Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Announcing 'EbbWorld Annex'

In response to the responsibilities of a job, a new house, desiring to stay connected with family and friends, wanting to stay active playing sports and maintaining a fit lifestyle, travelling and vacationing; basically in response to “life”, I come up with the idea of EbbWorld Annex. America may have missed their chance of annexing Cuba into the Union (could you imagine how great a vacation destination it would’ve been?), but I’ve realized my limitations and will be now be offering an EbbWorld “lite” sort of say. To put it bluntly, I just don’t have time to manage and process all the web development necessary for anymore. Being that it’s a totally user-customized/managed site, it requires a fair amount of time just to put up a simple article (more than you’d think).

Anyways, I still write articles a plenty, so I’ll basically be just dumping them into EbbWorld Annex for now (until EbbWorld 3.0 launches) instead of them just sitting unread because I don’t have time to upload them to EbbWorld.

This isn’t the end of EbbWorld, just an extension I guess. Plus this blogger site will actually allow for user interaction :)

Let me know what you think. Cheers all my faithful readers!

Ebbworld, established 2003…before blogs were even popular

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  1. this is perfect! and the ability for comments! hot dog! :)

  2. well not exactly "perfect" per se, but it does make my life a lot easier, and yes, user interaction has always been a desire of mine so I do like that feature a lot.

    I guess I always thought of EbbWorld as more than just a "blog" though...which is what this is. But I still have the main site, which definitely is different from a normal blog.